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On August 30th, Scorpion HQ’s countdown to Season Two started – each day leading up to the premiere on September 21st  corresponded with an episode from Season One. Today marks the premiere of Season Two “Satellite of Love “! Scorpion returns tonight 9/8c on CBS!

If you’ve missed the previous countdown days for exclusive content, you can get caught up by visiting the countdown page or by clicking the banners below. You can also stay up to date with Scorpion HQ on twitter and join our facebook group!

The winners (for day 20 & 9 and an extra giveaway) have been chosen for my twitter Scorpion Countdown giveaways! You will be contacted shortly! Please note that winners were drawn at random by an external site.

Thank you to everyone for participating with Scorpion HQ’s Countdown to Season Two! A HUGE thank you to Rick Ravanello and Robert Patrick for submitting messages!

Join the cast & crew of Scorpion for a live chat tonight at 9:00pm ET/6:00pm. Don’t forget to add #TeamScorpion to your tweets!

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