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Team Scorpion I want to thank you for taking the time and rallying together to save Scorpion. We all want the same thing – a Season 5.

As TV networks approach Upfront week (May 14-18) CBS will be close to be making their final decision on the fate of Scorpion.

I encourage you all to continue to do the following:

  1. Keep making noise: keep tweeting ( ), keep leaving comments on Facebook & Instagram. Please remember, in order to be heard it is CRUCIAL that every post possible include tags like and these hashtags
  2. Search through twitter for #ScorpionSeason5 and find a post to like / share and reply to (and tag these accounts   )
  3. Contact CBS directly via their Audience Services info & Feedback form. The reason for this is simple – networks know it takes more motivation for viewers to be willing to go outside their social media platform(s) and take the time to fill-out a form. It’s easy: just select “Scorpion” in the drop down, add your name, your message (tell them what Scorpion means to you & that you want a Season 5)  and click submit.
    Write to CBS directly to renew Scorpion for a Season 5BONUS: If you reply to this tweet with a screenshot / confirmation of your submission you will be entered for the chance to win an iTunes digital copy of Seasons 1-4 of Scorpion. I will gift this to a random winner selected once we know about Scorpion Season 5. To get an idea of what these screenshots can look like check-out those already posted in this thread.
  4. Search through Instagram for #ScorpionSeason5 and find a post to like / re-post and or reply to (and tag these accounts: @cbstvstudios @cbstv & @scorpioncbs)
  5. Become a CBS All-Access Member (learn why this matters below)

One thing CBS is paying a lot of attention to is which shows are getting streamed the most. CBS has a lot of investment in seeing their All-Access streaming platform succeed.

If you are a CBS All-Access member, you can make a big difference by streaming the latest episodes of Scorpion as much as possible right now. As you re-watch episodes of Scorpion, Tweet (or post on other social media sites) and let Scorpion fans know which episode(s) you’re watching. Strike up a conversation – use hashtag: #ScorpionSeason5.

Not a Member? You can try CBS All-Access for free for a week by clicking this link. There is no commitment involved in doing the free trial.

Plans are: Limited Commercials $5.99/mo and or Commercial free for $9.99/mo.

If you are subscribing, tell CBS it’s for Scorpion.

CBS All Access Watch the latest Episodes of Scorpion

For a few Tips & Tricks from a Scorpion fan with insight into TV Network streaming metrics check out this tweet by @SaveScorpion.

Be sure to give @SaveScorpion a follow on twitter as they’ve been a big help!

Dear CBS here are 93 Reasons Why
Scorpion Should should be renewed.

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