To Our Cyclone:

We want to begin by saying once more how amazing you all are. It has truly been our privilege to work alongside & interact with each of you these past few weeks – and if you think for even one second we’re done making noise, trust us – you haven’t seen anything yet!

Make no mistake: Viewers are what make the business of entertainment a viable enterprise. So as long as you keep voicing a desire to see Scorpion, the show literally cannot die. Over the past year alone we’ve seen cancelled shows renewed within a few days (both by their former network & new ones), after spending a year off television, and in the case of some reboots even after decades since their most recent episode aired. If enough people want to see a show, that demand becomes a lottery ticket – and you’d best believe some network or streaming platform is eventually going to cash-in on it.

In the meantime, here are a few things we can all be doing as a united front:

1) Post as much as you POSSIBLY can (across all social media sites) using the hashtag #SaveScorpion in EVERY message. One of the most impactful things we can do is get that #SaveScorpion hashtag everywhere! Use those posts to let both CBS & other networks know how interested you’d be in seeing new episodes of Scorpion.

2) Sign the petition

3) Keep messaging CBS directly. (Select “Scorpion” in the drop down) Even if they’re just a couple sentences long, every message counts. And once you’ve submitted your message, send out posts on social media to let us know you’ve done so and encouraging other fans to follow your lead (again, using #SaveScorpion).

4) Remember as a consumer your willingness to spend money wields more influence than anything else. CBS has said cancelling Scorpion was a business decision. So if you’re a CBS All-Access subscriber who is upset that Scorpion was cancelled, you’re completely within your rights to cancel that streaming service and let CBS know exactly why. You also have the right to stop watching / streaming CBS episodes elsewhere (cable, Netflix, etc…), and to let CBS know specifically why you’re doing that as well.

But please, when taking any of these steps try to keep in mind that a major reason many of us are drawn to Scorpion – and are now hoping to sell a network or streaming platform on reviving it – is because of its positive and uplifting nature. It’s understandable that fans feel angry, but it’s our hope that we can rise above letting decisions that others have made lead us to react with a bunch of negativity and spitefulness. Instead, we hope the frustration our Cyclone is feeling right now can be channeled into productive actions that help support Scorpion as a show & a larger fan community!

Team Scorpion: Remain encouraged, keep making your voices heard, and expect to hear more from us very soon!

Scorpion HQ & The Save Scorpion Team



Tell CBS you want a Season 5. Use the hashtag #ScorpionSeason5 and tweet the below accounts.

You can also fill out the form here . Be sure to choose “Scorpion” in the drop down and fill in the fields – let them know you want a Season 5.