Episode #19 Young Hearts Spark Fire

While on a mission to save lost hikers, Team Scorpion’s helicopter crashes, igniting a massive wildfire that quickly closes in on them. Also, Sylvester must help their injured pilot who is unable to make it to safer ground.


19 days until Scorpion returns! Today we are celebrating Episode #19 of Scorpion!

Special Message from Rick Ravanello (a.k.a Marcus):

I was so fortunate to have been cast in Scorpion. Being a new series, I never know what I’m getting into but from the very first day, I was accepted and treated like a part of their clan. It was especially great to have had the opportunity to work and hang out daily with Ari. What a classy young man. He is deserving of all good that comes his way. He made my job easy and difficult. Easy because he is such a Giving actor. Difficult because I had to be so cruel with him during the stern aspects of my character.

Alex – Keep fighting!
Love #TeamScorpion

All in all, I made a wonderful friend and that goes for all of the cast. The producers of the show are a gracious group. They, also, made me feel comfortable and gave me freedom to bring Marcus to life. Our director, Mel Damski, is a special man in the Hollywood arena. A true “Actors Director”. I am fortunate to call him friend. :).

A little story, I had a Facebook request from a family, while I was shooting the show, to shoot a short video saying hello along with words of encouragement for a you boy who is fighting cancer and the treatments. I was with Ari when the request came in and, Ari being the kind of human he is, asked if he could partake. We shot a nice little “hey, young man. Get well. Keep fighting. We are all pulling for you” video. I sent it and the response was overwhelming. His family said he smiled and cried and seemed to want to fight harder. I will never forget Scorpion for that very moment they allowed me. We do what we do out of love in so many ways. I, personally, always love a script or story that has a positive message.

The TeamScorpion gang left a wonderful impression on me. I wish them and their fans many, many years of success. Thank you for including me in your life and blog. It makes me blush but also reminds me of the importance of fans and good folk like yourself.

– Rick

Thank you Rick for sending in this message & video! You can follow Rick on Twitter and keep up to date with his future projects on IMDB