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1. Coconut water in a can. I don’t know why it’s better in a can It just is, Ok?
2. National League Baseball
3. A pillow between my legs and a pillow to hug at night.
4. Sun block. Listen to your mother. Skin cancer is a real thing.
5. My Scorpion cast mates. Saving the world every week is fun and all but it would be awful lonely without the team.
6. Permission to sing the Hamilton cast record as loud as I want in my car.
7. The courtesy of someone telling me when wu-tang is playing way too loud on my headphones.
8. A knock on my bedroom door when I’m air guitar-ing The White Stripes so you don’t walk in and make me blush.
9. Cool Stuff when it’s warm.
10 Warmth when it’s cold. Literally and figuratively.

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