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Check it out Team Scorpion! Originally posted by Jaimee Rindy on Twitter and Tumblr, Ari Stidham who plays Sylvester Dodd on CBS’s hit drama Scorpion released his track list for his first album.

I’m Giving Them Everything, My Love – DR. TV

  1. Sweet (Sweeter) ((Mary Jane))
  2. Everyone You Meet
  3. Mad (Into it)
  4. Mia (reboot)
  5. Pollyanna
  6. Like Dirt
  7. The Good Stuff (Mushroom Cloud)
  8. Push & Shove (Jaimee’s Title)
  9. Mama, I’ve Changed
  10. Sucked Into Nothing

You can follow Ari on Twitter @AriStidham, Instagram and check out his music on Sound Cloud

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