Thank you for celebrating with me! If you are a fan, crew, actor or guest star of Scorpion and would like to submit content for the count down (Perhaps behind the scenes photos, small blurb for an episode etc) please fill out the form below! Thank you so much in advance for participating!

Please specify what day / episode you are posting for. (Example: Day 22 will be Episode 22 of Season 1, Day 21, Episode 21 etc.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via the contact form, or you can email me directly.

[showhide type=“More_Info” more_text=”Need More Info?” less_text=”Need More Info?” hidden=”yes”] On August 30th, it’ll be 22 days until Season Two premieres (On Sept 21, 9/8c). To celebrate I will be counting down with the 22 episodes of Season One! (Day 0 Is the premiere of Season Two) Each day I will be posting content to this page and to twitter at Scorpion_HQ.[/showhide]


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