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[content_icon_box heading=”Scorpion Tuesday AXN” heading_size=”h4″ icon_position=”left” icon_style=”style-1″ link=”http://la.axn.com/programas/scorpion” link_text=”Scorpion AXN” link_target=”_blank” icon_name=”icon-tv”]8 PM (Col), 9 PM (Mex), 10 PM (Arg)[/content_icon_box]
[content_icon_box heading=”Scorpion Thursday ITV2″ heading_size=”h4″ icon_position=”left” icon_style=”style-1″ link=”http://www.itv.com/tvguide/search/?tvgSearchPhrase=-&tvgListingID=476360307&tvgTitle=Scorpion&tvgShowID=2997262″ link_text=”ITV TV Guide ” link_target=”_blank” icon_name=”icon-tv”]9pm[/content_icon_box][content_icon_box heading=”Scorpion Thursday M6″ heading_size=”h4″ icon_position=”left” icon_style=”style-1″ link=”http://www.m6.fr/serie-scorpion/saison-2.html” link_text=”Scorpion M6″ link_target=”_blank” icon_name=”icon-tv”]Season Two Premiere Thursday, March 17th, 2016


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US vs. UN vs. UK
Monday, June 20
9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PTĀ | CBS

Sun of a Gun
Monday, June 27
9:00-9:59 PM, ET/PT | CBS

Series 2,Tech, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll Part 1
Monday, 27 June
10:20 am | ITV2

Series 2, Episode 7: Tech Drugs and Rock n Roll Part 2
Tuesday, 28th June
10:20am | ITV2

Series 2, Episode 8: Crazy Train
Wednesday 29th June
10:20am | ITV2

Series 2, Episode 9: Area 51
Thursday 30th June
10:20am | ITV2

Series 2, Episode 10: US vs UN vs UK
Friday 1st July
10:20am | ITV2

Series 2, Episode 11: Arrivals and Departures
Monday 4th July
10:20am | ITV2

Series 2, Episode 12: The Old College Try
Tuesday 5th July
10:20am | ITV2

Series 2, Episode 13: Dam Breakthrough
Wednesday 6th July
10:20am | ITV2

Series 2, Episode 14: White Out
Thursday 7th July
10:20am | ITV2
9:00-9:59 PM, ET/PT | CBS

Monday, July 11
9:00-9:59 PM, ET/PT | CBS

Season Three Episode 1
Monday, Oct. 3
9:00-11:00 PM (2-Hour Season Premiere)

Season Three Episode 2
Monday, Oct. 10
10:00-11:00 PM SCORPION (regular time period)

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